Patent No 1618803.9

 When the Word Master is sold, the tiles will be arranged alphabetically. The Word Master contains 192 separate tiles, of which there are 96 tiles with a letter printed on its face, and 96 tiles which are blank tiles.  

The object of the game is to manoeuvre the letters into words.
Each of the 6 bands has 36 tiles, each of the tiles can move from one band to the other at the crossover points as there are four on each of the 6 faces 24 in all.
There are several ways to complete our puzzle. The easy way, single word, is to build a word of your choice from the 96 letters, then have a blank tile to end the word and so on, by the time you come to the ends of the puzzle, you will have a large number of blank tiles to move the last letters into place, and up the correct way. Plus with the single word version there can only be 1 word over the cross over points, no words to cross over each other in the single word version, and save the blanks tell the end to complete the puzzle. You have 24 corners each has 6 spaces, to hold the single word, so when building other word you will not mess up the words already made up. How many complete solutions are there ? How many times can you arrange 96 letters into words of any length and use up all the letters ?
Now to claim to be a Word Master champion, you will need to do the crossword version of 5 letter words crossing over each other on all 6 faces. It throw up so many challenges. Endless number of solutions.

                              The puzzle game is always a favorite with the public.



Word Master brings together two of the world’s greatest puzzles and upgrades them both.

The Rubik cube invented in 1974 has had over 360 million sales worldwide, that was up until 2009. Making it the worlds top selling puzzle game. In 2013, some four decades later, a new Rubik Cube was born! All new faster action mechanism and durable tough tiles. Yet it still only has one solution and that is to match the colors or patterns. Why a rebirth of the cube in 2013? because there was nothing better, but now there is. Word Master has a whole lot more to offer its users with millions of possible solutions. How many times can you take 96 letters and make a complete sets of words out of all of them, it is endless, but not easy to complete one solution, as I hope you will begin see. To launch, this puzzle will be using the crossword, it is a proven winner. Word games go back to the ancient times. The crossword we see today was credited to Arthur Wynn of Liverpool, who published the puzzle in the New York World on Dec. 21, 1913. And from that day on it has been a favorite past time for more and more people. In 2011 there were an estimated 50 million people doing crosswords, positive proof that crossword puzzles are a daily part of life.

Mr Will Shortz. New York times.

Educational. Word Master is a perfect candidate. Parents are calling out for something to get their children to play games other than computers. So set your children the challenge, how well will they do? I am sure you would agree it will be easy to put many words of your own choice in place correctly, but how many? and how long will the words be? and in what time? that they would set.

 For our youngest users, maybe with mums and dads help, a learning to spell fun cube? 

For long journeys. In the old days, when we could sit down on a train! there were many people doing their puzzles in the papers. but today not so many, you don’t have the room to open up the papers. But you could see Mr or Mrs, Master or Miss with their 3.D. Puzzle, doing any words they like. It would look good on the office desk. This puzzle is a perfect candidate.


  Health. In recent years, we've also been learning that puzzles are good for us mentally, even more so for the older generation. They keep the mind active. They keep people connected. There are reports that they can stave off effects of Alzheimer's and other dementia. Anything and all things we can do to keep our minds working brighter and faster have to be good. This puzzle is a perfect candidate.

   The Market.

It has a lot of positive selling points that I would point out, not just for the crossword version. 

There are other versions. Math, Picture, Ludo, Snakes and ladders, and more. All versions have multi solutions, so will give entertainment to the user for years to come.  

A good Christmas gift stocking filler.

 The success at the start for this puzzle will be in its advertising, we have a lot to offer that advertising.

This very attactive looking puzzle, I believe it will be manufactured for decades to come. In the long term this puzzle has no sell by date and will be upgraded when the time is right. 

Warning, To the user of this puzzle, it may become addictive. Easy to pick up, hard to put down. 


If you feel you could contribute with manufacturing advice,contacts, fund raising or sponsorship.

contact detail are  e.mail.

Kindest regards. Thank you for your time.






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